Sunset on Balayan Bay

A weekend in Dive and Trek Resort and Marine Sanctuary (San Pablo, Bauan, Batangas)

My family was in complete attendance for one weekend, so we decided to go out together. Apparently, a number of us like seeing marine life, so we chose to book an overnight stay in fish heaven: the Dive and Trek Resort and Marine Sanctuary in San Pablo, Bauan, Batangas.

Dive and Trek Resort and Marine Sanctuary (San Pablo, Bauan, Batangas)
Dive and Trek Resort and Marine Sanctuary (San Pablo, Bauan, Batangas)

If you’ve ever been in their waters, you’d know why I say it’s fish heaven. Dive right in and you’re surrounded by all sorts of colorful fish. Bring some bread with you and they’d easily know whom to patronize đŸ˜‰ I had snorkeled in their waters thrice before, all in the summer months, and never really stayed in the resort itself. So this September overnight trip was a new experience for me.

At noon on Saturday, my family arrived at their parking lot in Lemery, where a boat brought us to the resort. They have another parking lot in Anilao as this map shows. When we reached their platform, this was, unfortunately, what welcomed us:

The very strong waves of Balayan Bay
The very strong waves of Balayan Bay

The lower half of my body got drenched while I was taking this photo. Yes, the waves were so strong that they soared above the resort’s dock/snorkeling platform at times. This made us decide not to go into the water that afternoon.

Since it was a little past twelve, we simply placed our stuff in our room after registration (disclaimer contracts, etc.) and headed off to the lunch buffet. Their buffet was always a good experience. I can’t label the food as lavish or luxurious or fantabulous (if there is such a word), but the meals were hearty, as if the cook and the service staff wanted to feed you to happiness. And that’s how I like my food :)

Buffet at the Dining Area
Buffet at the Dining Area
Mixed veggiesChicken and carrotsLechon kawali

Candle on the dining table
They even make their own candles! A number of these were on the dining tables.

I’d say the hearty meals were but a sampling of the resort’s service in general. The staff were very warm, polite and accommodating. It’s as great as service gets in a resort.

The facilities, on the other hand, were very clean and cozy.

View from the roomsBearch chairs, dining areaChairs, path leading to the dockBeach chairs, multi-purpose hallDining areaBar

And the view was stellar!

Balayan BayBalayan BayBalayan BayBalayan BayBalayan BayBalayan Bay
My family also enjoyed the company of Bogart, Dive and Trek’s adorable lab. He walks, eats, and sleeps by the sea. He lives the life.

Bogart, Dive and Trek's golden retriever
Bogart :)
Bogart, Dive and Trek's golden retrieverBogart has gravitas... or he's just sleepy

The next day, the waves were still wild. But we just had to go in so we wouldn’t waste the trip. Here’s what we (or the camera) saw:

Glad to see the fish, but this is really just the pinky toe of what the marine sanctuary has to offer. It was high tide when we went in so we knew a lot of the fish were down below. Plus, we were there at the wrong month—the staff say the water’s great from November to April. That explained the waves.

Overall, we didn’t get the swim-in-the-aquarium experience we set out for, but we certainly had a good stay in the resort. I’d love to go there again during the better months. And at approximately P3,300 per person for an overnight stay (including snorkeling equipment rental), it was well worth it for the family weekend we’d rarely have.

3 thoughts on “A weekend in Dive and Trek Resort and Marine Sanctuary (San Pablo, Bauan, Batangas)”

  1. Hi,

    Nice review! :)

    I saw that their website is under construction so I couldn’t see much about the accommodation. But I am so interested to go to the place :) So I’d like to ask you instead if the rates they put in the website are for one person only or for the room (good for 2). I tried emailing the contacts at the website but I haven’t had any replies yet.

    also, how about the food. I’m not really choosy, I’m just looking into the price :)) You know, so I’ll know the budget.

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hello Venus, we booked two years ago and this is this is the email I used The overnight snorkeling package then was Php3,050/person which already includes the accommodation, meals, gear, and boat transfers. Not sure if they changed their rates by now.

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