Anthony Pangilinan on "Magbago Tayo"

Bakit mas magaling ang babae kaysa lalake sa negosyo? Anthony Pangilinan answers

Anthony Pangilinan on "Magbago Tayo"I was watching Anthony Pangilinan’s “Magbago Tayo” just a while ago and his topic was women in business. To my amusement, he gave an acronym (or acrostic?) that explains why women are better than men at business:

W = walang pa-macho effect (nothing to prove)
O = OC (attention to detail)
M = mahaba ang pisi (patient and sacrificing)
E = EQ (stable, not risk-hungry or impulsive)
N = nurturing (caring for a business like a mother does)

I’m not about to side with either the men or the women, but I do believe that each have their own contribution in a business. Mr. Pangilinan has identified our strengths well. Thanks to him for acknowledging these :)

Update 2011/11/06: Forbes magazine seems to have taken a cue from him. Here’s their article: Think Like a Woman and Make More Money

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