Love more everyday.
Oct 102012
Snacks and childhood memories

The snacks I ate when I was a child always send me down the memory lane. What were your favorite snacks as a child?

Sep 272012
My movie slash foodie date nights

A good movie with a snack really helps keep my sanity in check. And, it could also a get your kids to eat healthy.

Mar 052012
The Rizaliana Exhibit in the National Library of the Philippines

View the original manuscripts of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, plus others more, exhibited in the National Library

Sep 152011
The Prize Winner in CJH, Baguio

Back in February, I attended a PLDT Bossings event and won the best prize ever: a three-day, two night stay […]

Sep 062011
The Pinay on a budget travel to Rome

Not a lot of us have money to travel, and when we do get to save some money, the best […]