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Making Christmas memorable for our children…and for us, parents!

How can we parents remember the true meaning of Christmas and as a consequence, teach our preschoolers to do the same?

Parents, pray about it!

You don’t have to devote a long time to doing so, but it would be good to pray about … Continue Reading ››

“Siguro walang Diyos” – a short conversation

Posted by my cousin on Facebook :) BARBERO: Siguro walang Diyos. BATA: Bakit naman po? BARBERO: Eh di sana wala ng naghihirap at nagdurusa? Pagtingin ng bata sa bintana may nakita siyang pulubing madumi at mahaba ang buhok. BATA: Siguro walang barbero. BARBERO: Bulag ka ba? Barbero kaya ako. BATA: Kung meron, eh di sana walang pulubing madumi at mahaba ang buhok? BARBERO: … Continue Reading ››

A not-so-young Pinay at WYD 2011 in Madrid

I'm not within the prescribed age range of WYD participants, but they allow otherwise if they act as the group leader. Acting as group leader or not, I still joined my first WYD. Allow me to be illogical: It's the best WYD that I've attended! What made it the best? All the pain that we … Continue Reading ››

Three Pilgrimages in May

I used to think that pilgrimages were expensive trips to some distant land—you'd have to save for it all your working life and do the getaway upon retirement. But my high school teacher surprised me one day when she organized a pilgrimage that went from Makati to Las Piñas. Not that far, eh? Some people … Continue Reading ››