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May 212010

Some friends and I went to Green Thumb farm in Tagaytay for an outing. Here are some shots from my camera phone. The gerberas were especially charming! The trip was very educational, as one of the caretakers answered our questions about how these flowers are grown. If you’re looking for a fruitful outing with family and friends, a trip like this is a great idea.

Red gerbera

Pink gerbera

Yellow mums

Violet mums

White gerbera

Yellow gerberas

Sunflower (with bees!)

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  3 Responses to “Flowery lines: trip to Green Thumb farm”

  1. ganda

  2. Beauty? :)

  3. beautiful flowers, Joy! And I love how you managed to get nice pics out of your camera phone; I can never manage that. Maybe it’s a user problem, eh?

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