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Start the year, save on food

Leftover food  from Christmas and New YearThe New Year has begun and some of us, I’m pretty sure, have written their New Year’s resolutions already. I stopped making the list ever since I realized that I always break half of what I’ve written. So, instead of a list, I make a promise to myself. It’s weird, I know, but so far it’s been working for me.

Year of the Dragon is supposed to bring you good luck and money will be easy for most of us, but I feel like in this day and time, we must learn how to save. There’s no harm in saving, especially that the economy is bad and you can’t rely on others but yourself. I always say to myself, “save some for the rainy days”. I’m at the period in my life where asking money from my parents is no longer an option. I have to earn my living, and pay for my own expenses. And thus this year’s promise to myself.

Amazingly, post-holiday food was a great way to start. I took a picture of our fridge before and after the holidays. Fridge was really full of food we even had to use our neighbor’s extra space for the other stuff that couldn’t fit in ours. What I did was that I planned our menu around it. No one was allowed to go to the market and buy more food until we were done with what was in our fridge.

We had leftover ham, Lechon, Kare-kare, grilled fish, pasta, and different types of kalamay. I’m from Pampanga, so definitely, people here will give away Kalamay as Christmas gifts. It’s such a waste to throw out food or let it go to spoil, so for quite a few days, we ate left-over food. Savings galore.

For the lechon, since we had a lot, I re-heated half of it in the oven for lunch and cooked the rest ala lechon paksiw. We don’t use the usual store-bought lechon sauce. My mom has a friend who makes good sarsa lechon. We don’t sauté it anymore, we just combine the sarsa with the left-over lechon, a lot of garlic and a little bit of vinegar, let it simmer then we already have a great tasting paksiw na lechon.

I’m not teaching you to be “kuripot” to your family—rather, this is just my way of showing you that we have to be practical these days. Maybe because I know now the value of money is, that’s why I don’t take anything for granted, or go waste it on something so trivial.

3 thoughts on “Start the year, save on food”

  1. I totally agree with you! I also work around with what’s inside the refrigerator or freezer when making meals (especially after the holidays). In addition, I find my weekly menu plans very helpful and convenient! I am not only able to prepare quality meals but I get to stash cash (from going to the grocery thinking we don’t have enough food) and save my precious time!

    Thanks for sharing :) Happy parenting to us!

    1. you’re welcome. yes! it does help if you have planned menus, and i also suggest for busy mothers out there to buy extra chicken cuts and or minced pork, just so you won’t get caught off-guard just in case you’ll have unexpected guests coming or for those moments when you don’t know what to cook. i’ll try to posts recipes for different chicken cuts in my coming posts.

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