The Ring

I have never seen my parents not wearing their wedding rings—not even when my mom cooks or my dad does repairs around the house (read: dirty work!). So, I grew up taking it as a matter of course that I will always wear my wedding ring and so will my husband.

My wedding ringDoing so does not seem to be the S.O.P. these days. I am not passing judgment, only observing. I have good friends who are happily married, but don’t always go out wearing their wedding bands. My theories are: 1) the ring is heavy; or, 2) they took it off to do something at home and forgot to wear it again.

I happen to be married to a man who considers wearing our wedding rings a BIG deal. I have attempted several times to ask, “Can I wear just my engagement ring today?” His reply: “No.” Or, “Can I not wear my wedding ring today?” Reply: “You’ll look like Juno!” Or worse, he says, “How would you feel if I didn’t wear my ring?” End of discussion.

So, I wear my wedding ring all the time. The only times I had taken it off was right before I was wheeled into the labor room. It was also the first thing I asked for once I woke up in the recovery room. That… and my pearl earrings!

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