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The upside to having no car

As Jack and I are but starting out in our family life, we are like many Filipinos who have no car. Going around town with our girls can be challenging at times, but I’d like to take a moment and write about the brighter side of being a “public transport family.”

1. There is no car to wash. That’s one less house chore I need to bug my husband about.

2. I have never experienced Jack criticizing my driving. Other married friends have complained about how irritating backseat driving can get.

3. We have options. Depending on the traffic situation, we can choose to take the trains instead of a cab (and get horribly stuck on Edsa).

4. Public transport is cheap. The price of gas is staggering!

5. We can go anywhere and anytime. We’re never bound by “coding day” or having no driver.

6. We pack light!!! Among my mommy friends, I hands-down carry the lightest diaper bag.

7. Public transport brings its share of laughs. When we took a tricycle from the bus station to our hotel in Pangasinan–in the middle of the night– we were crying from laughter at watching the girls look shellshocked by the cold wind blowing into their faces! And when we take the jeep, Cate likes to squeeze the arm of whoever is beside her. It’s quite embarrassing! Cate also likes to stand on our laps and hold onto the “estribo”–where passengers hold on as the jeep flies (what do you call that in English?!). Kakapit daw siya!

8.  Every trip becomes an adventure and a treat. When I promised Reese we’d take the MRT home, she held me to it. It was an exciting first train ride. To this day, I haven’t told Jack that on our way into the open train doors, Reese’s foot slipped! Thank God I (and her ever-ready guardian angel) was holding her tight by her wrists. Once inside, I had to let out a sigh of relief and I really had to thank Reese’s guardian angel for that miracle. When we got out on Ayala station, I just had to celebrate by buying Reese spaghetti!

Jack and I do look forward to owning a family van someday. But for now, we’re looking on the upside and enjoying each public transport ride. It makes the discomforts go away…a valuable lesson I learned growing up in my own family. We must have set some tricycle riding record. At one point, we five kids could all fit into one tricycle together with our Mom and Dad. That made for hilarious tricycle rides to church! And all I can distinctly remember now is the laughter, not the inconvenience…this is something I’d like my own girls to learn.

P.S.:  Please don’t ask me why Reese’s shirt is raised in the picture.  I couldn’t take a better shot because an MRT employee stopped me.  Apparently, it’s prohibited to take photos in the MRT station :O

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