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Jan 032012

I have a formal Goulborn skirt I bought about eight years ago to wear to my friend’s wedding. It’s cream with a bit of detail at the bottom. Very simple and can go with anything.

I’ve paired the skirt with a black blouse, a red sleeveless top, a bright orange wraparound blouse, and most recently, my sister’s light green blouse. I had been able to wear it to weddings I’ve attended both pre-motherhood and post-partum!

To date, I can count at least seven weddings I’ve attended wearing that skirt… It has stood witness to touching and happy moments—my bride friends walking beautifully and tearfully down the aisle, eating delicious food at receptions, joining games and dancing to good music. Incredible moments as well—grooms declaring their personalized vows, seeing a friend whom we thought would be last to wed get all dolled up and look glorious on her special day. I would have worn it on my own wedding day if my husband and I had pushed through with our original 20-guest wedding plans!

As a preschool teacher on a shoestring budget… and now young mom—still on an oh-so-shoestring budget!—I find that Goulborn skirt a worthy investment. I always pair it with a well-made up face and a fun wedding party attitude, and I end up having loads of fun at weddings. I look forward to traipsing to more weddings in my good ol’ Goulborn!

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  1. T Meg! How about posting the various combinations you’ve used for this versatile skirt? :>

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