Three Pilgrimages in May

I used to think that pilgrimages were expensive trips to some distant land—you’d have to save for it all your working life and do the getaway upon retirement. But my high school teacher surprised me one day when she organized a pilgrimage that went from Makati to Las Piñas. Not that far, eh? Some people commute that distance everyday.

Since May is the month of Mama Mary, I went on three pilgrimages with a different friend each time. I went to EDSA Shrine in Quezon City, Our Lady of Guadalupe (old shrine) in Makati, and the Mary Help of Christians National Shrine in Parañaque. Notice anything common about the three? Yep, they’re all Marian shrines. My friends and I would pray five decades of the Rosary with the previous day’s mysteries en route to the shrine, then pray the day’s Rosary in the shrine, and then travel away praying five decades with the next day’s mysteries. This type of pilgrimage would usually take me only an hour, unless the travel starts from a point that’s really far away from the shrine. Really, it’s that simple, and that cheap, especially if there’s no commuting involved.

Hope you try it too.

Inside Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine
A picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe that arrived in the Philippines in 1604
Inside the National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians
A statue of Mary, Help of Christians outside the church

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