Mousse review: White Rain, Sunsilk, VO5

I’ve had permed hair for quite some time now and I’ve used several brands of mousse already. I’d like to share my experiences with three brands with the curly-haired ladies out there, if only to spare them from pain of trial-and-error:

1. White Rain Extra Hold mousse

This is the brand that I’ve used the longest. It’s the cheapest I’ve found in the stores, and the results are good enough for the price. I wouldn’t say this is the best option, though.

• Most affordable
• Widely available (found it in Watson’s and in some supermarkets)
• Really adds volume

• Hair looks obviously moussed–a guaranteed wet look for the whole day
• Hair looks unnaturally stiff
• Hair will already start to frizz after waking up (not good if you don’t shampoo daily)

2. Sunsilk Style mousse

I’ve only found this in the supermarket at SM Megamall. I never knew that Sunsilk had mousse, so I inspected the packaging and realized that it might be imported from another Asian country. I guess that explains why we don’t see ads of this product around.

• Lasts longer than any other brand I’ve tried. Hair stays nice and tidy for two whole days.
• Hair doesn’t look artificially moussed

• Sticky! You’d be hurrying to wash your hands after using this. I don’t think it matters, though, since your hair will hardly feel the stickiness after your hair has slightly dried.
• Slightly more expensive than White Rain
• Not widely available. During the last time I went to Megamall, I wasn’t able to find any on the shelves.
• Hair looks heavy. Some people might find this beneficial, but I’d rather my hair looked fluffy.

3. VO5 mousse
Though a bit more pricey than the other two, I like this VO5 mousse the most. I had to buy it one day because there were no stocks of the other two brands above. It was a blessing in disguise, as I now would opt for this brand.

• Hair doesn’t look artificially moussed
• Not sticky!
• Lasts long though not as long as the Sunsilk mousse
• More foamy than the other two
• Adds enough volume though not as much as White Rain
• Curls look natural, not stiff

• More expensive than the other two

That said, I’m sure Finesse will prove better than all these brands, but I would need to skip a few meals to buy one bottle and I am not going to do that. If anyone else would like to share their experiences regarding mousse brands, please feel free to leave a comment.

13 thoughts on “Mousse review: White Rain, Sunsilk, VO5”

  1. Yes I have a question I bought the white rain mousse and I don’t know if it will work I want my hair to be curly not wavy will the white rain mousse let my hair stay curly for eight hours or should I buy another one? Please response thanks.


    1. Hi! Mousse will give your hair volume. If you already have curly hair (mine’s permed), it will make the curls nicer and stay curly longer. The amount of time the curls stay will depend on the kind of hair you have, more than anything. If you don’t have curly hair to begin with, the mousse won’t be of much help.


  2. Joy, I’ve tried the VO5 mousse that’s specifically for curly hair; it comes in a shorter/wider red bottle. I haven’t used it in ages, but I remember liking the effect it had on my curls. You might want to try it out as well, should you ever come across this variant. Curls rock!!!


    1. Hi Zyrk, I got it for around P200, but unfortunately I couldn’t find them anymore. I suspect they’re extinct in the Philippines.


    1. The only item listed here that I still see being sold is the White Rain mousse. I’ve seen it in Watsons and SM Supermarket selling for around P130. These days, I use different brands, since I’m not quite satisfied with White Rain. I’ll have to work on a new mousse review post so that you’ll be able to choose brands that are currently available.


  3. Hi. I just recently permed my hair and its terribly becoming frizzy. Are all those mousse still available in the market? Im looking for something that could lessen the frizz in my hair. Thanks. 🙂


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