First-time Flowergirl

Reese the flower girlYesterday, my three-year-old daughter walked down the aisle as the sole flowergirl of my high school best friend, JoAnne. Three days prior, Reese developed bad colds and a slight fever. I called JoAnne’s sister, “Reese is sick, but don’t tell your sister! I’ll have her up and running by Saturday!” Why do kids like getting sick right before a Big Day? Ugh!

Thankfully, the fever didn’t recur. And the colds were tolerable. Reese prepared for her mini-Big Day by having her makeup trial with her in-house makeup artist (aka Tita Anj!) a few days before the wedding. And we downloaded flowergirl videos from YouTube. After watching the videos, Reese understood what she had to do. “I’m going to sprinkle the flowers on the aisle!”

Then came the practice walks on our sidewalk. Done! The dress was another exciting matter altogether. Since my friend JoAnne was organizing the wedding from abroad, a brouhaha apparently happened with her seamstress here in the Philippines. My brother came to the rescue. Scouring the malls, he brought to life the ballerina flowergirl idea of JoAnne–over-the-top from head to toe. Whew!

The preparations did pay off! Reese walked down the aisle by herself, and guests commented on how comfortable her flowergirl get-up was. During the ceremony, she happily (but quietly, thank God!) wriggled and sauntered up and down the aisle unbeknownst to my friends who were exchanging their vows. Reese spent her time at the reception running around and redecorating the stage with balloons.

Once we boarded the van for going home, my first-time flowergirl whispered, “I want to sleep, Mom!” And I kissed her on the head and said, “Good job, Reese! Mommy’s so proud of you!”

This post was written by Meg Murrf Trinidad.


One thought on “First-time Flowergirl”

  1. Hi Meg! You just reminded me about my flower girl days. It almost became my job because I was the eldest grandchild on my dad’s side—you know what that means! 😉

    Reese is so big already! Good thing she didn’t find it difficult to deal with that dress. Flower girl dresses are usually adorable until you’re the one wearing them. Hehehe!


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