Lessons from LBM

February’s been a busy month for me. Maybe it’s because of all the activities that I did that my body gave up on me, literally. Age is slowly creeping up on me. In my early 20s, I can stay up without sleep for three days straight and still function normally. During my Manila Bulletin days, deadlines and overtimes are nothing to me. I don’t even take any supplement vitamins, and mind you, my lifestyle then was so different from what I practice now.


I’ve been down for almost a week because of diarrhea. Yes! Some might still consider discussing diarrhea as taboo, but people do get sick from it a lot (it’s #4 on Philhealth’s Q1 2011 list!) so I’ll talk about my one-week experience of it.

Thank God for Gatorade and hydrates. I survived because of these two. At first I tried plain water to replenish my body with the fluids that I kept on flushing out. But on the second day, I literally had to drag my body out of bed to go to the bathroom. I felt too weak already. Plus the fact that my mouth and my esophagus seemed to be in agreement that no solid food will enter my body while going through this diarrhea phase.

The doctor gave me medicines to prevent me from vomiting, but the tummy ache I chose to let out all the toxins and just ate apples instead. The apples did help. It’s funny how when I’m feeling normal, I don’t like the taste of apples, but when I’m sick, I can eat it with much gusto.

Things that I’ve learned from this period of “momentary weakness”…

  1. You’re not too old to want your mommy to be by your side. It’s a comforting feeling. And, she’ll get you whatever it is that you want 😉
  2. Always have Gatorade, hydrate and or an alternative first-aid remedy in the house. You’ll never know when sickness will strike and sometimes, it takes forever to find simple things like saltine crackers in your not-so-dependable neighborhood tindahan.
  3. Make sure to seek the help of a professional. Don’t self-medicate, especially with children. It’s better to always be safe than sorry. No matter how trivial the sickness or symptom is, your friendly doctor will tell you what to do.
  4. I believe in mother’s instinct. But I also believe that ONLY YOU can know what’s wrong with you. I usually do “no.2” thrice times a day, but last week, I was going almost every hour. So I knew that something was wrong. It’s best to understand your body dynamics.

Many times, life’s lessons come from simple things 😀

This post was written by Rita Salonga.

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