Lifestyle is about our lives: why Pinay Lifestyle is here

On May 10, 2010, Pinay Lifestyle published its first post. It was about the Philippine national elections held on the same day. I wrote about how proud I am of the Filipino citizens who, despite the heat and the crowds, stayed on to cast that single vote. Looking back, it was quite apt that this was the topic of the first post. It somehow embodies what Pinay Lifestyle stands for.

Girl power!!!I built this site after seeing the plethora of lifestyle content out there, whether on TV, print publications, or the Internet. I realized that while the topics covered were legitimately about lifestyle—dining at restaurants, luxury trips, shopping, skin treatments, parties—they didn’t seem to touch on what most of my life is about. Like any average Filipina, I spend the greater part of my days working, having humble meals with family, colleagues and friends, strolling at the mall and enjoying affordable treats, staying home to clean up, etc.  I do get my own share of luxury on occasion, but that’s the point: it’s more the exception rather than the rule. It’s ironic that “lifestyle” tends to mean the rarer parts of our lives, or, from another perspective, the lives of rarer people. I found that a pity because I find the everyday lives of women quite beautiful. Even if an ordinary Filipina is just one more in millions, even if she’s only one vote, her life is worth hailing and forwarding, especially considering how Filipinas put so much love into daily life.

So, in 2010, I decided to set up a blog that represents this cause. Pinay Lifestyle started in Blogger as a personal initiative. Later on, I invited some people to blog with me, since my lifestyle alone would not be enough to forward the cause. Seeing the limitations of Blogger, I then moved the blog into its own home in 2011. Today, more than two years since the first post, Pinay Lifestyle is moving along as planned: a website with the necessary features and basic content. We also have a handful of people in our community, which we have yet to even promote.

I’ve been very busy with the backend. Many people know me as their go-to techie, but I’m not a web developer or a network administrator by profession, so I’ve had to do a lot of the site building by trial and error. I’ve made many errors, mind you, though you might see only a few left now. Hopefully it gets to the point that backend matters are minimized so that I could blog more (my last post before this one was in March!).

I’ve also put this site under the wing of my new business, Magnetic North Enterprises. Yes, this site is now part of a for-profit endeavor. How about the cause, you ask? Newsflash: a cause doesn’t run without money. I don’t plan on making gazillions through Pinay Lifestyle, but the profit potential at least justifies the investment, which has already been significant for this average-income Filipina.

But despite all the work that’s been done, many things still has to happen for us to move the cause forward. We need more community members and contributors. We need editors. We need sponsors. We need premium content. We need incentives (prizes! yay!). We need… so many more people and so many more things. How is this possible, with the meager investment we have? I don’t know, but I’m sure God does.

Filipinas are women of great love. This website is dedicated to them.

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