It’s all in the bag: a look inside my everyday make-up kit

While I prefer to do my make-up at home, where I have all my products within arm’s reach—not to mention a huge mirror—but I rarely have the time to do so. I usually have to make do with applying my make-up in the office or while in transit (ever tried doing your mascara/eyeliner while inside a moving vehicle?). I often switch up the contents of my kit, but there are some well-loved products that I always tote around. Here’s a list of these products:

1) Liquid concealer. I don’t always have time to do my foundation at home, and it can be a pain to have to lug around a full-sized bottle of foundation for the whole day. So what I do is I only bring a small tube of concealer, which I apply with my (clean) ring finger only on top of blemishes or red patches; I then set everything with powder.

MAC Select Cover-Up: a little goes a long way

2) Eyeshadow brushes. I bring a basic eyeshadow brush and a blending/crease brush. I’ll do a more detailed post on eyeshadow brushes somewhere down the line; for now; let me just say that having these two brushes should take care of most of your eye make-up needs.

My blending/crease brush from Charm, and my basic eyeshadow brush from the Body Shop mineral make-up range

3) Loose powder and a big kabuki brush

4) Eyeliners in the basic colors: black, brown, gray, …hey, I even have a pale yellow one that’s supposed to make me look “less tired” 🙂

When I’m pressed for time, or when I forget to bring eyeshadow, eyeliner smudged on my eyes can achieve the same effect as more complicated eye make-up looks.

5) An eyebrow pencil with a brow comb on the other end. One trick to make eyebrows look full but natural is to fill in any sparse areas with a pencil  and then to comb through the entire brow to soften the look.

6) Mascara. I bring two tubes, but that’s just me. 🙂

7) One or two (or three) lip products: lip balm, lipstick, some glosses

8) Blush. A little bit blended unto the cheeks can do wonders in making me look more “alive”.

9) An eyeshadow palette. This one I switch around the most often, although generally I bring neutral-colored palettes for work.

One of my well-loved eye palettes: this one is by Bobbi Brown.

I hope this post has given you ideas on what products you can bring with you on a daily basis 🙂

Group shot…sans the blusher (whoops)

This post was written by Anj de la Cruz.

4 thoughts on “It’s all in the bag: a look inside my everyday make-up kit”

  1. Hi Anj! I notice that you have a mix of brands. How do you choose among the many brands that are out there? I suppose the right shade of concealer for a person will be available from different brands.


  2. I don’t really have a system; I just really like to try different products/brands. Plus, I’ve been experimenting since I was 17 or 18 so, makeup-wise, I’ve gotten to know more than the average person does 🙂
    And yes, you’re correct in saying that you can find your shade of concealer in almost any brand. I think most everyone’s primary concern in picking the right shade concealer/make-up would be budget constraints. You try to find a brand that you can afford, and select your shade from what they offer. Admittedly, some people will have a harder time finding their shade; that’s when they might have to go to the higher-priced brands (like MAC or Bobbi Brown) which tend to offer a wider range of shades. I believe that if it’s your perfect shade and if it’s something you’ll use daily (like foundation or concealer), the added expense is worth it.


  3. i’m not familiar with brushes…is there a certain brand that u can recommend?thanks! i’m actually into eyeliner make-up…but i do wanna learn doing make up using different brushes…and i heard they’re a good investment…


  4. Hi!

    What an amazing coincidence that I just wrote a post on make-up brushes (view it here: )…it’s like you read my mind, or I read yours, or….you get what I mean 🙂 However, you also ask about specific brands. Over the years, I have found that I like the quality of brushes made by the Body Shop. Their brushes are pricey, so I wait for them to go on sale and then that’s when I buy one or two brushes at a time. The wait is always worth it: their face brushes in particular are super soft and don’t scratch the skin at all.

    And, by the way, eyeliners are an effective alternative for emphasizing your eyes when you’re in a hurry. 😉


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