My go-to “mom shoes”

For most of my life as a single person, I’d have at least six pairs of footwear in use: three dress shoes or sandals, a pair of Outland sandals for long walks, a pair of rubber shoes for sports, and my slippers. I know most women would already call that minimalist. But recently, as a busy mom, I’ve come to rely primarily on only one pair. Yup, one.

Let me explain how that happened. First, we’ve gone barefoot at home, so I only use my slippers in our tiny laundry area. Second, I made the mistake of buying Outland sandals that have heels. I found my feet getting tired easily when walking with them, so I hardly ever use them these days. Lastly, I found a pair of shoes that look dressy, can be used with all my outfits, and that I could walk with, even on rainy days. They’re the Crocs Women’s Cap Top Flats.


I’d never owned a pair of Crocs before, but my mom was out shopping with me one day and she got me these (probably in response to my obvious poverty, haha). What a blessing that was! The shoes are so comfy, making them great for the typical mom activities: carrying and chasing the toddler, running errands, buying groceries, etc. They look good with business clothes and with jeans. They go great with skirts or with pants. I can walk good distances with them, even in bad weather. They’re super easy to clean, too. A friend even said she cleans her Crocs using the washing machine, so I tried it too—and it works!

I only had one problem: the outer side of the shoes would sometimes cut the skin under my outer ankle bone. I deal with this by putting a small strip of electrical tape (which is unnoticeable on those black shoes) on that edge. I hope to replace that with black duct tape one of these days because the adhesive on the electrical tape wears out easily.

Of course, another “issue” with Crocs in general is that they tend to make your feet sweaty. But my feet already do tend to be, so I’m just glad to be able to clean these shoes far more easily than the usual fabric or leather shoes. Using foot socks might help, but I’m not really the foot socks type of gal.

How about you, what are your go-to shoes? Do you also own a pair of Crocs?

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