Blog Syndication Program

Are you Filipina? Do you have your own blog? Do you believe in Pinay Lifestyle’s cause? If you said yes to all of these, then we invite you to join our Blog Syndication Program!!

What is the Pinay Lifestyle Blog Syndication Program?

Our Blog Syndication Program is here to magnify the reach of Pinays’ personal blogs. Members of the program repost select articles from their own blog to Pinay Lifestyle, placing a link at the end to the original post on their own blog. Bloggers will also be acknowledged in Pinay Lifestyle roster of syndicated blogs.

Are there any conditions in applying for the Blog Syndication Program?

Yes, you must:

  • be Filipina (i.e. a woman with Filipino citizenship) or a woman living in the Philippines;
  • have an existing blog that will be submitted to Pinay Lifestyle for evaluation;
  • provide her real name, photo and personal description for publication;
  • be able to repost articles using the blogging account supplied by Pinay Lifestyle. (Note: Pinay Lifestyle uses WordPress, which bloggers in general would find easy to use.); and
  • supply a bank account from a major local bank where her payment may be deposited.

Do members of the Blog Syndication Program get paid?

Pinay Lifestyle pays bloggers for commissioned reposts. Every month, a Pinay Lifestyle editor will visit the CBs’ blogs and explicitly request selected articles to be reposted. Each regular article is paid P100, while articles with a high traffic potential (as determined by the editor) may be paid more.

Do commissioned reposts still obtain points from the Pinay Lifestyle?

Pinay Lifestyle community members get 100 Pinay Points (PP) for each article contribution. Since commissioned reposts are already compensated monetarily, they will only earn 10PP each.

Can a blogger refuse to repost an article commissioned by the Pinay Lifestyle editor?

Yes, a blogger may turn down an offer for a commissioned repost. However, unreasonable or repeated refusal may be held as grounds for the blogger’s removal from the program, since such may run contrary to the program’s objectives.

Can a blogger repost an article that was not commissioned by Pinay Lifestyle?

Yes, the blogger may do so, but she will not be compensated monetarily. The contribution will be treated as an ordinary submission by a Pinay Lifestyle community member, which will earn Pinay Points when approved.

How do I sign up for the program?

Please email us at editor(at) and we’ll give you a list of the application requirements.

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