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My movie slash foodie date nights

I’ve barely had time to go out these past few months. Aside from the fact that I really need to save up, work’s been consuming most of my waking hours. I seriously wonder how working moms do it. I’m not a mom yet and still I feel like I’m always exhausted at the end of the day. Truly, these women deserve an award.

On with my story. I love watching movies. But ever since I started with my new job, I’ve already missed more than a dozen films. I already don’t cook regularly and now, I’m also missing my movies?!? I guess “frustrated” is an mild word if we’re talking about how I feel these days.

I’m thankful for the Internet because at least, I get to watch videos once in a while. Don’t worry, I don’t like to illegally download stuff. I’m content with whatever’s available in the Internet for free. And believe me, there’s a lot. Cable TV helps too. Most of the foreign channels show recently-released movies, and I’m happier when they show those independent ones. I’m a sucker for foreign Indie movies. So, since I can no longer go to the movie houses, I end up bringing the movie house to the comforts of my own room. Well, to be precise, to the comforts of my living room.

That’s because I eat while watching and I don’t like bringing food inside my room. I feel like if I eat inside my bedroom, aside from the smell sticking to all its four corners, ants will definitely appear out of nowhere. And that I seriously abhor.

My normal movie night will consist of junk food, water (I avoid drinking soda) and sometimes chocolates or pastries. But nothing that will produce so much crumbs. I don’t want to end up with crumbs all over my shirt after the movie. I also like fruits, but they take a little more preparation because I have to peel them before the movie starts. That and they make me feel full easily so I end up asleep before the movie ends.

But, in my opinion, fruits and movies are a good combination for people who need a vitamin boost. My sister isn’t fond of fruits. But whenever I prepare them for our movie night, she’d end up eating most of it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that for your kids? Make them watch their favorite cartoon shows while you give them something healthy to munch on. They wouldn’t notice it, believe me! My sister is my perfect example of that.

While watching a movie too, I can multitask. I don’t know how I do it, but even when I’m doing 2-3 things at the same time, I can still focus on the movie. Since I bring paperwork home, I find myself working more effectively when I’m in front of the television. But this is just me. Kids shouldn’t be watching TV when they’re doing their homework. For working people like us, though, sometimes time is really the enemy. If you can multitask, then I think that’s an advantage.

I realize that complaining and sulking about my now-busier life won’t do me any good. I can still do all the things that I love—I just need to learn how to compromise. Life is never just simple and it really isn’t that complicated either. We just have to learn how to put things in perspective. Now, on to my next movie.

This post was written by Rita Salonga.

Decluttering: 5 Simple Ways to Do It

Every time you go to your closet, look at your books, go to your kids’ rooms, or open your kitchen cabinet, you see that life can be much simpler. Clutter creates stress and when you’re stressed, the rest of the day goes haywire. But you see it every day… so what do you do?

Declutter! Simple? Not really. Some people just rearrange things and that’s just so different from decluttering. Pretty soon you’ll be looking at piles of stuff you’ll accumulate along the way and you’ll be forced to declutter anyway. So how do you do it?

Here are 5 tips to help you get going in the right direction.

organized dishes
Visualize your end result.

1. Visualize – Picture in your head (or draw if you can) what you want each room and each part of your home to look like. Having a picture of what you want something to look like does more than just give you good feelings. It actually forces you to prioritize things that will fit into your vision. When you’re able to see what you want your room to look like, chances are, you’ll be more ready to give up stuff that you really don’t need.

2. Personalize – The only way to make your rooms and spaces consistently clutter-free in a fun way is to personalize it. How can personalizing a room or space keep it free from clutter? When you personalize a room, you’d have to sort things in your head before putting up a new display or item. Having a space that’s personalized creates a theme that will keep you from placing just anything there except those that go well with that space. It also keeps you from buying stuff that don’t belong there as well.

3. Digitize – Much of the clutter you have most probably comes from things that have sentimental value. Your child’s first baby clothes, his singing contest trophy, the tickets from your first date, a gift from your mom, etc., have a way of creating memories that you just can’t let go of them for any reason.

But if you think about it, it’s not really the stuff you have with you that matters, it’s the memories that come along with the stuff. With today’s digital age, you have an opportunity to keep the memories without completely letting go of your keepsakes. Taking digital photos of souvenirs, mementos, family heirlooms, and even special greeting cards will give you the chance to keep them even when you let go of the items. The feeling you get with sentimental items will still be there when you look at their photos as well. In fact, digitizing them will help preserve them more than if you were to keep them. You can even create digital photo albums or digital scrapbooks of them, too.

Digitizing sentimental items makes it easier for you to let go of them and in turn gives you more space in your home.

Boxes can help you categorize your stuff into things to keep, things to give away, and things to sell.

4. Prioritize – Whenever you declutter, it’s always good to have at least three kinds of boxes to sort your stuff into three categories: things to keep, things to give away, and things to sell. When you do this, you’re prioritizing everything you see into just three categories which makes it easier to filter them. A case can be made for a fourth one: things to consider. If you’re like me, there are times when you can’t figure out which box something belongs to. Having a fourth box will give you time to consider your options and keep you from making rash decisions.

5. Organize – One of the results of having too much stuff is having stuff that don’t belong together in the same place. After having filled your three or four boxes, it’s time to sort through your things-to-keep box and things-to-consider box. Survey the space you have and then put stuff where they should belong based on what you visualized earlier. Chances are, you’ll have stuff that don’t fit in the space you have but are essential to you.

This time you’ll be needing storage boxes to put all those things that you need but don’t necessarily have to be seen. You can place these boxes in storage rooms, your cabinet, or under your bed for easy retrieval.

Decluttering can be a tedious and stressful process but remember it can’t be done in a day—so don’t even try! It took you months or even years to get to where you are now so it will take you about a week to completely declutter your home. If you follow the tips we’ve outlined for you, decluttering can be fun and fulfilling especially after you experience the functional benefits of your hard work.

This post was written by Nicole So.

My new entrepreneurial lifestyle

I am now officially an entrepreneur. While many of the employed have romanticized ideas of what entrepreneurs’ lives, I’ve now seen first-hand how it is. Here’s how my lifestyle has changed:

1. I put in more work hours.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it doesn’t mean you dilly-dally for most of the day. It’s quite the opposite: there are many things to be done when building a business, and since I’m just starting out, most of that work goes to me. Don’t start a business just because you want to work less—it won’t happen.

2. My time is flexible.

While I do work more, I get to choose when I will. That means I get to visit friends when they’re in the hospital, run errands at the mall right when it opens, transact at the bank outside the lunch hour, work out at the gym when there are fewer people, etc. I guess it’s my little reward for having to work more hours.

3. I get more of the morning sun.

sunriseSomething tells me I used to be deprived of vitamin D. I’d usually be in the office between 8:00 and 10:00 am, so I wouldn’t get a chance to get vitamin D the natural way. But now, since I occasionally walk around from 8:00-9:00 am, I enjoy the smiling sun.

4. I get heat exhaustion once in a while.

The sun is fine in the morning but it gets bad after that. I’m rather sensitive to heat, so I really avoid going out at midday. But there’s no one else to do the running. I do go out for errands at noon when I have to, and most of the time, that means the heat will get to me. I try to battle the heat by drinking cold juices but in the Philippines, you could only do so much.

5. Wasting time has very real consequences.

When you’re employed, you could get away with being idle once in a while. But when you’re building a business, everything rests on you, so time wasted really means less income. I can’t afford to waste a single minute of my time because it means something in the plan won’t materialize.

6. Money really matters now, and that’s a lot of stress.

I used to take the flow of money for granted because I received a paycheck every two weeks. Now, I have to make the business work, and that means I have to make the income model work. That’s a great deal of pressure. But it really comes with the territory, and I knew that this would happen even before I made the leap to entrepreneurship. I’ve had to come up with ways to sustain myself (e.g. part-time work) so that the money stress won’t kill me.

And last but not least…

7. I get to build my business the way I want to, without having to explain or prove anything to anyone!

When you’re employed, you’d have to have nearly everything approved. We builders by temperament can’t build anything without having to explain so much to our superiors. Since I’m running on minuscule funds from my own pocket and from an angel investor (i.e. my ever-so-supporting mom), I don’t owe any explanations to my bosses or shareholders. Building is simply faster this way—and heaven for people like me! When I go to work, I just go straight to work. I don’t make as many proposals and presentations as I used to 😉

What do you think about entrepreneurial life?